Marguerite Higgins: A Brave Reporter Seeking the Truth


Marguerite Higgins was an amazing journalist who wanted to find out the truth. Born in 1920, a time when most journalists were men, Marguerite stood out because she never gave up and always wanted to show the real story. Her determination and honesty made her a role model for other journalists. This essay will explore Marguerite Higgins’ life, where her strong ambition broke norms and paved the way for future journalists.

Higgins had a tough but adventurous life. Despite facing difficulties, she bravely went to places where wars were happening. This strong woman did some incredible things during her career that showed how much she wanted to know the truth. One of the biggest achievements she reached was during the Korean War. She did not just report from a safe distance – she went to the front lines, facing challenging situations alongside soldiers.

Even though some people did not think a woman could do that job, she did not let that stop her. Marguerite Higgins achieved a remarkable milestone in 1951 when she was honored with the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for her outstanding reporting. This distinguished award, known for recognizing excellence in journalism, was proof of the exceptional quality and impact of Higgins’ work during that period.

However, Marguerite did not stop at war stories. She also wrote about important issues like civil rights and the Cold War. She was unafraid to ask risky questions and brought attention to the stories of individuals who needed their voices heard. Marguerite’s strong voice and the way she never gave up showed everyone that women could be as good at reporting as men. She worked hard and sometimes had to give up things in her personal life because she cared so much about telling the truth.

Marguerite Higgins was a hero in journalism, showing us that being ambitious and wanting to know the truth is essential in a job with so much influence. Her strong ambition was not only about recognition; it was about doing the most important job of a journalist – telling people what was happening. Thinking about Marguerite inspires new reporters to be brave and not let anything stop them from finding and sharing the truth. Her legacy reminds us that seeking the truth is vital, even when hard, and leaves a lasting impact on journalism.

Razón: La profesora de Inglés II, Ruth A. Cotto, del Grado en Periodismo semipresencial solicita a su alumnado un análisis e interpretación de la corresponsal de Guerra Margueritte Higgins y su repercusión sociopolítica en el ámbito internacional. Es considerada la primera mujer periodista que pudo cubrir y reportar en primera línea los acontecimientos de las guerras a las que intrépidamente asistió. Margueritte Higgins obtuvo el Premio Pulitzer en 1951. Los alumnos desarrollaron un trabajo de creatividad literaria y otro trabajo para exponer oralmente un tema relacionado con la repercusión de Margueritte Higgins en el ámbito periodístico internacional. Esta exposición fue grabada en un audio que se evaluó también posteriormente. Este trabajo contiene un ensayo y un audio. Ambas partes se complementan con el fin de evaluar las destrezas de comunicación escrita y oral en lengua inglesa.
Temática: Corresponsal de Guerra Margueritte Higgins.
Alumnos: Selina Kraus.
Curso: 2023-2024.
Asignatura: Inglés II.

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